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Friend is a brand that is recognized and accepted among customers because of excellent ratio of price and quality of its products. Our desire is to satisfy all requirements and needs of your pets and our current offer is available as wet and dry food for dogs and cats, dog treats, accessories for dogs and cats as well as food for birds. Knowing what the customer wants and giving it to him nowadays is the definition of success and satisfaction of your pets with our products is our goal.


In Friend assortment of dog food you can find both wet and dry food and treats for dogs. Dry and wet food is complete food designed for your dog’s daily diet. It is produced from high quality, fresh ingredients and will ensure your dog’s health and good shape and the optimal amount of all the ingredients necessary to assure your dog enough energy for a healthy and active life. After a good meal and playing with your dog, reward your pet with Friend treats.



Cats have won a reputation as very unpredictable and selective animals when it comes to food. They eat only as much as they need and want flavors that they like... Friend food for cats provides all this and even more: not only will your cat always get a fresh and delicious meal, but also all the necessary nutrients. Choose between dry and wet food in three flavors.



For your small pets, in Friend assortment you will find a complete and balanced food with very tasty selected seeds, important for the health of your birds, which will meet all the nutritional needs of your small friends and provide them with important ingredients, fat and protein for a healthy life.

Fishes & Turtles

Fish and turtles are pets that do not require too much attention, the owner does not require great effort to maintain them. One other advantage is that an aquarium is a nice decoration for your home. The most important thing is to feed the fish regularly and change the water. You can also enrich their living space with stones and greenery. Friend offers food for tropical and goldfish and freshwater turtles.


For dogs and cats, you’ll find everything you need for playing with, walking or grooming your pets.

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